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it was the middle of the summer and america was haveing another party and as always you were dragged into it but you diddint mind but you had work to do at home you were writeing a book that would hopefully get you a job. it was a dream of yours you had and you were working hard to make it come true.

at the party you sat on the couch and was focused on writeing.victoria,one of those snoty girls came over to you with her two friends. "hey, ____ is that your diary?", you ignored victoria trying to focus. victoria snached the book from you she looked at it and said ,"what a pice of junk that is it should be destroyed" she smiled and threw it in the punch bowl. she gave a pig like laugh until the punch bowl fell on her. victoria fake cried on the floor america her boyfriend came to help her. america found your book and said "victora are you ok?" "NO IAM NOT OK THAT BICH _____ SPILLED PUNCH ON ME!" your eyes widened and you said "no no i d-diddint do anything!" you grabed your book and ran out side.

you put your back to the tree and cried.the book was destroyed paged were wet and stuck together some were torn out. all the hard work wasted. you hug your knees "why did i even try to write a book? i was just going to fail any ways just like i do at life." you continue to cry until you felt a hand on your sholder.

it was the last person you would want to see at this moment america. _____, dude are you ok?" he asked strangely woried. "why would you care? your supposed to go help victoria."
america pased for a moment "i am not with her anymore." you looked up confused "aurthur told me the whole thing. i cant beleve she ruened the book of yours" you were supried  at  what he said."aruthur told me it was a realy good book too what a shame. hey, _____ i know what can make you feel better" he smiled kindly. you sniffle "and what is that?
america helps you up."come on youll see. he led you deep in the forest area behighed his house.

you suddenly see dosens on bright little lights. "see i told you this can cheer you up" he smiles and gives you a jar. you guys start to run around like you were little kids again. you were happy and forgot all that happened you caught a lot of fire flys but as for america he ran into a tree and lost all of his. you kneal no his aid ,"america are you ok?"  "i am fine ____ but i wouldint be if you were not here" he smiled kindly and huged you tight. "______ its time for me to confess, truely i didint want to date victoria i had to do it to protect the fact that i loved you" he hugs you tighter

"this was not i intened my confess would look like but it wouldent matter as long as you acsepted me _____ do you?" your face was so red you could see it glowing and heating up you stutered. "i-i-i-i had no idea you liked me and yes i actsept you" he smiled and kissed you sweetly and of corse you did the same.

from then on you continued to live as a happy couple the lives you shared were happy and full of love.

                                THE    END
i hope you enjoyed this story! and if theirs any reqwests coment down below!
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NEIKUUKWOW Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Critique thing:
This could use a little more punctuation, I got lost a little while reading. You spell accept like this.
Dah!!!! That was cute! Victoria is biatch who is ooooo totally jelly! Why must Alfie be so cute!
rozenmaidendoll15 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Student General Artist
wahhhhh iam so sooooorrryyyyyyy this is my first x reader
NEIKUUKWOW Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
It's okay, but I recommend going through chaw king for punctuation, grammar and spelling. It makes a big difference! Other than that the story was cute!
rozenmaidendoll15 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Student General Artist
izzyisawesome99 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
What about the book
Did u try again
rozenmaidendoll15 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student General Artist
(shug) its for you to decide
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